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How Physical Therapy Can Help Your Hip And Back Pain?

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Hip pain and back pain are conditions that are often overlooked in everyday life. However, your pain in hip and back may eventually turn to the worst state if no proper care is taken. To avoid these conditions in the future, you need to consult a physical therapist and find out the reason behind the emergence of such pains.

You need to create a routine of exercises of Physical Therapy New York, NY, which will help you to heal the pain. To eliminate the hip and back pain, the physical therapist will teach you exercises to increase flexibility and strength.

Few Exercises For Hip Pain:

  • Hip Bridges: 

This is the most comfortable exercise, which helps you get rid of hip pain. It is effortless to perform. You'll have to lie down on the back, keep your knees bent in the upward direction, and rest your hands by your side.

Lift your hip gently till your body from knees to shoulder becomes a straight line. Hold on this posture for 20- 30 seconds, and then slowly bring your body down. This physical therapy helps you improve mobility and flexibility and promotes faster relief from hip pain.

  • Squats: 

Performing squats will be superb for your pain in the hip. When the physical therapy is presented nicely, it may improve your strength and energy in hamstrings- the muscles which are on the backside of your thigh and the tissues which are in front of your thighs called quadriceps. These muscles are connected to your hip, so strengthening these muscles will, in turn, enhance your hip.

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Few Exercises For Back Pain:

  • Try Partial crunches: 

partial crunches help you strengthening your back as well as stomach muscles. Lie on your back, fold your knees and place your feet flat on the ground. Breathe out as you raise your shoulders. Use your arm to lift your neck off the ground.

Hold on for few seconds and then bring your back down. Repeat the same for 9- 12 times. Partial crunches reduce extra stress on your back. For more detailed video, you may search for physical therapy New York, NY.

  • Hamstring stretches: 

Lie on your backside and bend one of your knees. Wind a towel beyond the ball of your foot. Slowly straighten your knee and pull off the cloth. You'll quickly get relief from back pain physical therapy Bayside NY if performed regularly. Hold on this position for about 20- 30 seconds and do almost 3-4 times for each of your legs.


Physical therapy for your hip and lower back pain increases the strength and flexibility of the muscles, stomach, hip, back, and leg muscles. They give support to your spine and relieve you of back pain. Repeat these exercises regularly to stay fit and healthy.

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